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ORC Europeans 2017 preparations in progress!

26 January 2017

This summer we will meet at ORC European Championship in Gdansk. Only a few months left to this amazing sailing event. It’s time to start training and any other preparation.
So far 58 crews from Germany, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and Poland confirmed their participation. Who else will compete in July on the Baltic Sea? Don’t hesitate and join us! We are waiting! There are only 12 seats left. And remember to hurry up – until the end of January there is preferential lower entry fee. On our Facebook Page we’re presenting those who will come to Gdańsk in July.

In Gdańsk for sure we will see the all-female crew from Germany, with whom we had the opportunity to race last year in Copenhagen. 10 great women under the command of skipper Kirsten Harmstorf will sail on a yacht DK 46 ‘Tutima’. This yacht weighs 8.6 tons, has 14 meters in length, sail area approx. 230 square meters and 23 m tall mast. Let no one be fooled by pink outfit wore by this crew, which by the way beautifully corresponding to the gray-black yacht. This girls are experienced sailors, presenting the highest skills, incredible energy and fantastic teamwork. All of them did compete many times in European and World regattas. We are delighted that they have decided to participate in the Championship in Gdansk and can’t wait to see them in July on the Baltic Sea. Good luck ‘Tutima’ Team!

We also had chance to talk with Team Pro4u from Sweden. Here you can read the result.
How long have you participated in ORC events?
Team Pro4u: Team Pro4u have participated in ORC North European World- and European championships every year since 2011 so this will be the teams seventh ORC Championship in a row.
The ORC Championship of the year is Pro4u’s main goal every year and the plan has already been made also to participate in the World Championship in Netherlands in 2018.

What are your main successes? (and how many kg wieght your trophies 😉
Team Pro4u: Team Pro4u have managed to be top 3 in every North European ORC championship for the past five years and in the previous 2015 ORC Europeans we managed to finish at the top of the podium.

Have you ever been to Gdansk? What is your impression or first thought about the city?
Team Pro4u: Unfortunately, we have not yet visited Gdansk but when planning travel and accommodation we have read about the city and looked at pictures and it looks like a very nice city and we look forward to visit this summer! Team Pro4u will already come for the Polish ORC Nationals, prior to the ORC Europeans, so we will have the opportunity to spend more time in the city.

When do you start your preparations to EC in Gdansk?
Team Pro4u: The preparations for the EC have already started some time ago and we are doing preparations in several areas, to name some of them below:

  • Boat maintenance and development. The boat is inside this winter and is taken care of by professionals. The larger improvements we are doing is to improve the keel profile, we are improving the deck layout to allow easier/better trimming and we are moving the chain plates to get a better angle when sheeting. Furthermore, a lot of smaller improvements are made.
  • We are planning to abandon our genoas and only use jibs during the ORC championship 2017 in Gdansk.
  • We are working closely with North Sails in Stockholm, Sweden and have also already reviewed the complete sail inventory to ensure that everything is working perfectly this summer.
  • The Pro4u team is training regularly with a Personal Trainer (focus on areas related to Sailing) and the goal is to become in best possible shape next summer, and we have a lot of fun together doing this as well.
  • The Pro4u Team leader and owner of the boat, Patrik Forsgren, have had individual development meetings with each member of the crew to look at how the team and the individual can develop together and improve performance.
  • We have a winter program with theory sessions that will cover areas such as metrology, strategy, tactics, trimming and maneuvers. For some of the sessions we have invited professional guest speakers to help us develop even further.
  • The 2017 season has also been planned with all practice and regattas for the year and we are planning to participate in 6 regattas before we come to Gdansk in July, among these the Swedish ORC Championship 1-4 June in Oxelösund, Sweden.
  • The crew has also been set for the season and the EC.
  • Accommodation has been arranged in Gdansk.

So we feel that we are already well advanced in our planning for the EC!

How many are you in your crew?
Team Pro4u: We are planning to race in the EC with 8 people for the moment.

What are your professions / daily jobs?
Team Pro4u: The Pro4u team in the ORC Europeans in 2017 will consist of the following team, role onboard and also what we normally work with:

  • Patrik Forsgren, Owner and Helm, Senior Consultant in the Energy sector
  • Anders Mårtensson, Trim, COO in IT sector
  • Joakim Hoppe, Bow/Weather/Routing, Senior Systems Architect in the Telecom sector
  • Oskar Hellbom, Keyboard, Teacher mathematics/physics
  • Peter Thorwid, Tactics/Strategy, Concept development manager in the Machine Industry
  • Anders Björk, Trim, Project Director in the Fintech sector
  • Johan Tuvstedt, Trim, business senior in the IT sector. Chair of the Swedish Offshore Association
  • Oskar Sömermaa, Mast, Student at the Royal Institute of Technology

We have contact with other participants too, so we can say that preparations for the event have already begun. Some started intense sport training, others decided to start with the diet, another – analyze and plan, but absolutely everyone’s thoughts are already in Gdansk. We hope that in July no one will be disappointed. Well, emotions are guaranteed.

Gdańsk – one of the most beautiful cities at the Baltic Sea coast, with thousand-year history of sailing, will host the best sailors from all over Europe, from 21 to 23 July 2017 on the ORC Polish Open Championship 2017 and from 24 to 29 July 2017 on the ORC European Championship 2017. Nearby beaches and piers will be a great place to watch this sailing competition. Sailing stories, shanties, regatta emotions… all that will make this special atmosphere. Oh, we can’t wait for it!

The organizers of the ORC European Championship: City of Gdańsk and Pomeranian Sailing Association. ORC European Championship is also supported by: Canal+, Gazeta Wyborcza, Wprost, Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland, żeglarski.info, Żagle Magazine, Newseria, Institute of Media Monitoring, Playboy, Esquire, Harpers’Bazaar, Visit Gdańsk.

We are looking forward to meet you in Gdańsk!