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Granary Polish Marine Championships ORC Gdansk 2017 completed – prices awarded!

24 July 2017

In Gdańsk, the championship of Poland in the ORC class ended. On Sunday, July 23, the last races were held, during the evening’s closing ceremony and medals and statues were awarded to the best marine sailors.

The leading crews were presented by the title sponsor of Granary, Emilia Wolańska-Tuderek, and other sponsors – Andrzej Minkiewicz from Oliva Yacht Paints and Sylwia Lewczyk, representative of the Chocolate Factory “Baltic”. The city of Gdansk was represented by Leszek Paszkowski, director of the Gdansk Municipal Sports and Recreation Center, and local authority Krzysztof Czopek, director of the Department of Infrastructure of the Marshal’s Office of the Pomeranian Voivodship. Bogusław Witkowski, Vice President of the Polish Sailing Association and the President of the Pomeranian Sailing Association were also present.

Crews raced in four groups, and the awards were given in four categories: the Polish Championship (only Polish sailors participated in this scoring), the Polish Open and Polish Open Championship, open competition in offshoring and team battles (Club classification).

Yacht “GoodSpeed” with helmsman Łukasz Trzciński won the Polish Championship, defending the title from 2016. We asked the skipper about the experience after the regatta.

– The impressions are amazing – Łukasz Trzcinski assures. – The weather has spoiled us, but it has also shown its potential. Worst of all, none of the forecasts worked out. When it was forecasted to blow, it didn’t. When it was supposed to be calm, it was the complete opposite. Nonetheless, it was a great opportunity to check our weather tactics and fortunately they were good at reading the water. We tried to be as quick as possible, we had very good takeoffs, we tacked and gybed when we needed to; finally, we watched the stakes and swam ahead. This gave the effect. By the way, I can say that it was great to sail in the Granaria Polish Open Championship before the start of the European Championship. We discovered that we still have a lot of work to do. Arrivals to Gdansk are often much faster, larger yachts, which are capable of showing us where our place is even at foreign waters for them. But we chase them and success is in our reach. We are the fastest Polish crew and have also defeated some foreign competitors. To conclude, I also want to say that the atmosphere during the regatta is amazing. I did not believe that it so many yachts would come to Gdansk Marina. This is a truly beautiful view.

The atmosphere in the Marina really captivated all participants. Hence, it is even more admirable that the Marina will soon be renovated thanks to Investements

“We have never tried to build what we think we should build on the Island”, says Granaria’s representative, Emilia Wolańska-Tuderek. – We want a new place on the map of Gdansk, to meet the expectations of the inhabitants. As the location of the island is inextricably linked to the marina, one of our public objectives is to revitalize and expand the marina. In addition, Stągiewny Bridge, which now blocks the further marina route, will become a drawbridge. Thanks to that, the yachts will be able to flow further.

In group C the winner was the crew of Aivar Tuulberg from Estonia on the yacht “Katariina II” (the last year’s European Champions). We asked them about the impressions after the regatta and their opinions about the Gdańsk marina.

– It was a very hard regatta with many good players – Estonian skipper starts. – What made it even tougher was that we have not had any opportunity to sail together before. We are now in the new squad, in which we will be competing in the European Championship. We are the last year champions and we want to defend this title.

– I must also say that the marina in which we are located is very beautiful and safe for sailors. The city itself is also great to visit – he ends.

The Pomeranian Sailing Association was involved in organizing the Polish championship.

– There were to major reasons to organize the Polish Championship, says Bogusław Witkowski, Vice President of the Polish Sailing Association. – First of all, of course, because of the sport assets of the event. Second of all, as it was a reliable organizational test before the European Championships which starts right after this Regatta. There will be more yachts going on in this event, and there will be other organizational challenges. The standard of the championship must be top – notch, so that all sailors who come to Gdansk, regardless of the place they score in the races, will remember them well. You can have great time on the water and then have a great time in the marina, in the center of the historical part of Gdansk – he finishes.