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Mantras will start at Dr Irena Eris ORC European Championship Gdansk 2017

13 July 2017

In the beginning on July 24th in Gdańsk the ORC European Championship will participate around 100 crews from all over the continent. We will see yachts of different types, racing in several categories. There will be two Polish crews on Mantra 31 type yachts.

The first crew, with helmsman Czeslaw Perlicki (YKP Gdynia), will start on “Zoltar”, the second, led by Tymon Sadowski (AKM Gdansk), will sail on “Duży Ptak”.

Captain Perlicki swapped his “Aquila” – a QT class boat for the Mantra out of necessity.

“It turned out that my boat is a little too small for the requirements of this event,” says Czeslaw Perlicki. “I started looking for a yacht I could start on the ORC European Championships, and I found “Zoltar”. I assembled the crew, partly composed of people with whom I sailed on “Aquila” and partly of other sailors.

Tymon Sadowski will sail in the Gdansk championships on the “Duży Ptak”, also as a substitute. Only that it’s not the boat that is changed but the captain of the unit, Krzysztof Paul.

“I have known the captain for a long time, and when last year he could not participate in the Polish Maritime Championship, I started for him” Tymon explains. ”We turned out quite good, we won. Captain Paul, who has had his years and prefers not to rush into the crowd, said that if I wanted to, I could take part on his boat. So I will represent him in the ORC European Championship together with the crew, which usually sails on the “Duży Ptak”.”

Can the Mantras succeed in establishing equal rivalry with other yachts? Czeslaw Perlicki is optimistic, although the he looks at chances of “Zoltar” realistically.

”Compared to the modern raceboats that take part in the ORC formula, our boat ranks on a slightly higher shelf. Therefore, we do not have too much chance. The faster yacht, the less favorable the rating. Every mistake costs the crew much more than the same mistake made on a slower yacht. On the other hand, in sailing everyone can find his or her chance. The factors that determine the end result are many, including, for example, the skills of the crew or the wind.”

Careful in assessing Mantras’ ability is also the skipper of the “Duży Ptak”. Tymon Sadowski says that the rating will not favor his boat.

“But we will try to adapt the yacht to these regattas as best as possible,” says the sailor. ”We will speed it as far as we can and we will fight. The stakes will be strong, “Duży Ptak” is at the forefront of Polish regatta, but we can’t lie to ourselves, in the fight for European titles the requirements will certainly be higher. A start in the preceeding Granaria Polish Championship will be a test for us. Most participants of Dr Irena Eris ORC European Championship Gdansk 2017 will also take part in this event, so we will know the possibilities of opponents and find out what our chances are for a good result.”

Czesław Perlicki also wants to fight for the best result, although he believes that the result is not the most important.

“I am from an old Olympic school,” declared the sailor. ”The most important is participation in the regatta. I, with my age, I am happy to be able to take part with my colleagues. It matters that we can sail together and if we are not the last at the finish line, we will find that it is very good. Everyone wants to win and that is also our goa and we will see. But we are optimistic.”

The Mantra 31 yacht is derived from a series of Polish yachts designed by Szczecin builder and sailor Andrzej Armiński. In its class, both the “Duży Ptak” and the “Zoltar” have won the ORC Polish  National Championships many times.


Mantra 31

Length: 9.46 m

Beam: 2, 59 m

Submergence: 2.16 m

Sail area: 48,72 m