ED-E – Fallout: New Vegas Guide

ED-E – Fallout: New Vegas Guide

E-DE is an Enclave Eyebot who was sent by his creators to the Navarro Enclave base, but was broken down while traveling through the wastes. He was recovered by

ED-E My Love Walkthrough (Fallout: New Vegas)

==You will get both audio logs about the upgrade, as long as you just follow the quest marker, the one missing will play eventually.==

List of people you can talk to
(If the ones in my video didn’t work for some reason):

– Old Lady Gibson (Gibson scrapyard)
– Apprentice Watkins (Helios one)
– Doctor Henry (Jacobstown)
– Quartermaster Mayes (Camp Forlorn Hope (must be on the quest “Restoring hope”))
– Colonel Moore (Hoover Dam (must be on the quest “for the republic part 2”))
– Torres (Hidden Valley)
– Thomas Hildern (Camp Mccarran)
– Michael Angelo (The Strip -Micheal Angelos Workshop)
– Mr. House (The Strip -Lucky 38)
– Ignacio Rivas (Helios one)

This is a video explaining how to complete the companion side quest; ED-E My Love. If you don’t yet have ED-E as your companion, you should check out my other video on how to get him ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Vk8FPhLL8 ).
The reason why i choose to upgrade ED-E weaponry instead of its armor, is because ED-E is a ranged combat companion only, and is therefor less likely to be hurt by enemy NPCs. You should just follow the oposite quest marker if you want to upgrade ED-E’s armor instead. If ED-E’s armor is upgraded he will loose all the patches and stuff on his body, and get all new to look at.

More info about ED-E:

More info about “ED-E My Love”:

More info about the Brotherhood of Steel:

More info about The Followers of the Apocalypse:

The music used while quest options is explained, are from the soundtrack from Once Upon a Time in The West, and the specific piece of music can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6BQKFs3-VM .

Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road ED-E’s Upgrades Location Guide

Link: https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/ED-Ecated
Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road ED-E’s Upgrades Location Guide

Fallout New Vegas 101 : ED-E

“Fallout: New Vegas 101” is a series taking a closer look at the lore and features of the game.

By Nilsor
Subtitles available in English and French

Time Marker
00:08 Introduction
00:18 History
02:24 Character Analysis
04:42 Quests
04:45 Quest: “Recruting ED-E”
05:15 Quest: “ED-E My Love”
08:41 Endings

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